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Neurologist appointment went well in an unexpected way.

I can’t type very fast, so I’m going to say what I can as briefly as I can.

I finally went to a neurologist, today. I got a recommendation from my LLMD, had an appointment, blahblahblah, filled out a ton of paperwork, etc., and finally went back to see him.

The first thing he does is say, in the most convoluted way possible, that he gives zero fucks about Lyme, because he’s not an infectious disease doctor. He then encourages me to see an IDMD as soon as I can so that I can confirm or deny Lyme…even though I’ve had positive tests. But whatever. I’m there for nerve stuff, so he and I are in agreement on that being his primary concern.

He gave me the usual battery of tests – push up, push down, squeeze his hand, stand up, sit down, etc.

Then he poked me really hard on either side of my skull, just at the base in the back. It hurt quite a bit, and I said as much.

Then he told me to walk over to the exam table, and while I was walking, he grabbed my arm and then poked me really hard on my hip…then he did the other side. It hurt so badly I actually started crying.

He came to the conclusion that the pain in the back of my head/neck is from stress (durrr), and that my outer hip pain is from bursitis (??). The former we’re going to work on with exercises, and I’m also going to be on migraine treatment, and the latter caused him to recommend a nerve block with cortisone. It was basically either that or an MRI of my pelvic region, and I figured a shot couldn’t hurt.

He gave me the test for inner-ear calcium deposits, and it was negative, but I did get dizzy.

I’m switching off of some meds, trying some new ones, and going back next week for an EEG (the seizure test…not looking forward to that one) and an MRI (to check for abnormalities), and then the following week I’m having an EMG (nerve conduction study – the pins-in-the-legs test).

Now, here’s where things are interesting: He brought a nurse in to help with the nerve block pressed on my hip again to ascertain where the pain was the worst, and then did the injections. They hurt like a bitch. My legs felt really weird.

Then he did a battery of tests to check the immediate response, and I found I could cross my legs without my hips hurting. That was kind of exciting, but then I put both feet on the floor, and immediately started crying.

I could feel my feet for the first time in over a decade.

There was no tingling, and only a bit of muscle pain. I could feel the texture of my socks, the carpet under them when I slipped my shoes off, and I could feel the flex when I moved my foot around. It was so amazing.

It only lasted about 15 minutes (back to being numb, again), but it gave me hope.


If most of my issues are a TREATABLE neurological condition, then I will get better.

The tests in the next couple of weeks are supposed to help with that end, though.


I have hope. It’s important. I am not looking forward to the tests, but I need them. I want them. I want an answer, even if the answer is, “well, it’s not THAT…”


So hooray for doctors doing some good!

8 comments to Neurologist appointment went well in an unexpected way.

  • That’s pretty awesome.

  • Marly

    >> I could feel my feet for the first time in over a decade.

    I’m so excited for you!

  • GGMa

    Those cortisone shots can really be fabulous! I’ve been getting them, on and off, for decades. Ask if you should be on calcium tabs. I forget: can you drink milk?

    • I can drink milk, yes, but I don’t drink a lot of it. I eat cheese, and I have calcium in my multivitamins – I have to watch my calcium intake because of some of the meds I’m on, to avoid kidney stones. I’ll talk to the neuro about it in a couple of weeks, though. :)

      I’m still waiting to see if the cortisone kicks in for my injection points – they’re still sore from the needle. I remain optimistic. :)

    Speaking as someone with entirely different issues (as you well know), you know this can be a marathon and not sprint.
    I’ve diabetic neuropathy in my extremities, and take diabetic meds, and narco pain meds. They help – sometimes.
    There have been times the bottoms of my feet just burn, like walking on hot gravel. Sometimes the pain goes up my legs to my knees.
    When I can afford it, I go to a Chinese massage therapist.
    He does SOMETHING to the soles of my feet which restores feeling without pain!
    Sadly, it’s only temporary, perhaps for 6 hours, or so.
    So, I applaud you for continuing in finding solutions! :-)


    • I’m waiting for the soreness from the injections to fade, to see if they will actually help the pain in my hips…that’d be amazing if they do. That numbing agent REALLY helped with my feet, though, if only for a few minutes. That was such a spectacular feeling. I kind of want to go to a massage therapist now to see if that would work for me!

      I’m just so relieved that alternate things are being tried. I don’t like feeling like I have to give up.