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Holy Shit.

I just blew a fuse.

I have NEVER done that in my LIFE.

My computer shut down, and the plugs on the side of the wall in which I’m working just completely stopped functioning.

I’m working on a midterm paper.

Thanks to a quick phone call, and Jazz’s dad pointing out that, hey, there’s a fusebox on my side of the house that merely requires a flick of a switch to reset, and we’re back in business.

Vista actually proved itself useful by saving my paper at the precise spot I’d been typing when the fuse blew, too.

I’m having a beer and finishing my project with considerably FEWER things plugged in over here. I’m going to have to switch some things around this weekend, as well.

Running the dryer, a CPU, a floor lamp, a space heater, a DSL modem, a printer, and an external hard drive are apparently VERY BAD THINGS to do on a single fuse system. I’ll keep that in mind.

7 comments to Holy Shit.

  • Glad it didn’t dump your paper!!!!!


  • FYI The space heater is your culprit, just move that to a different circuit.

  • MRS is right.

    If you can’t move it, then don’t run the dryer at the same time you run the heater.

  • Just in my bedroom, I’ve got two monitors, three computers, three sets of speakers, a tv, a vcr, an xbox 360, two playstation 2′s, an external cd burner, a digital alarm clock/radio, a dialup modem, an ethernet hub, a printer, a palm pilot dock, two lamps, a PSP battery charger, and a subwoofer. plus the chargers for two cell phones, my Nintendo DS, and my PSP…all plugged in…and I’m probably forgetting some stuff, too. I just need a dryer, then I’m all set.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    John – Me, too! I might have cried.

    MadRS – I pretty much did that as soon as I realized what had happened – it was the only thing that hadn’t ever been plugged in at the same time the dryer was running at any point before. So. Heh. Yay.

    Rusty – It’s been moved, and because I’m a weenie, I’m not running it even on a different circuit if the dryer’s running.

    Danny – Are they all plugged into the same power strip? Mine are. :-P Probably not a good idea.

  • Well, I have power strips plugged into power strips :P One of the computers and one of the monitors is on a different outlet though.

  • Wow…Vista useful? I am now impressed!