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“…in affectionate memory of Chewbacca.”

Tex IMed me to inform me that I received a card at his address from an organization in Seattle, called Christian Veterinary Mission. The outside of the envelope indicated that someone had made a donation to the organization in my name. I don’t remember making such a donation, particularly not with Tex’s address attached to it, so I asked him to open it. He did, and transcribed it for me in the IM window so that I would be able to see what it said.

Dear Bonnie,
A memorial contribution to Christian Veterinary Mission has been made by Collierville Animal Clinic in affectionate memory of Chewbacca. We wish to extend our sincere sympathy to you for your loss. However, please know that this memorial gift allows veterinarians to help people in need all around the world. We hope that you will take comfort in knowing that God cares for all of creation.
God Bless,
Dr. Kitt Flowers
Executive Director, CVM

For as long as I live within a 30-mile radius of that office, I will take any and all pets I have there. I have never in my life experienced a veterinary office like this, nor a vet like the one who took care of Chewbacca and currently takes care of Lucy. I’m humbled by this card.

Excuse me, I have something in my eye…

5 comments to “…in affectionate memory of Chewbacca.”

  • Gregg

    My sister lost her eldest airedale to kidney failure a couple of months ago and College Hill Pet Clinic in Cincinnati Ohio did something similiar. They donated a sum of money to Airedale Rescue, which was very fitting since her dog was a rescue. There are some very good people out there.

  • Joe Allen

    I’m lucky to have a veterinarian’s office of that caliber too. I have to drive 30 minutes to get there, but I wouldn’t take an animal anywhere else.

    I’ve told them more than once that I wish there was some place humans could go in town to get the same level of care and compassion.


  • Squeaky Wheel

    Gregg – I’d never heard of this practice of donating in the name of a lost pet’s owner, but I suppose it DOES happen. I’ve just never had it happen for me. And yes, there are indeed some good people out there.

    Joe – I’ve often wondered why my vet couldn’t run a human clinic on the weekends.

  • Your vet definitely goes that extra step. That’s awesome.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Yes, he does. :-) I’m seriously not going to change vets until I move in 2 years.