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I reserve the right to print portions of any correspondence, unless you explicitly state that you wish to remain anonymous.  I am fairly good at keeping identities secret, but if you pique my interest, I may write about you – though I will get permission for which details I am able to reveal.

However, having said that, if you are a jerk, I will publish your email, your name, and whatever other information I can find, because not only is it a fun turnabout, but I don’t tolerate bullies very well, and tend to retaliate in a similar manner to that which has been bestowed upon me.

If you have business inquiries (advertising and whatnot), please email me.  I have done reviews for FURminator as a Memphis Pets Examiner, and have received high praise for them.  I would love to review your product and let my readers know about quality products.  Items I’m interested in testing range from firearm accessories to cat products.  Makeup, hair products, and other cosmetic items are of interest, as well.