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Lyme Treatment Glossary (Updated Regularly)

This will be updated as I use new terms, or think of them.  Some of them I’ve just learned, and I’ve been researching for a while, so I figured this page would help some of you understand what’s going on and why I’m talking in this strange shorthand.  Use ctrl+f to find a specific abbreviation – these are listed in alphabetical order by the abbreviation spelling.


OBLIGATORY LEGAL STUFF:  Nothing on this page, or my blog, should be used to diagnose or treat any condition.  Only your doctors are licensed to do that.  If you have questions, I welcome them, but they will all end the same way:   me telling you to ask your doctor about anything I’ve said and make sure it would work for you.  Everyone’s different, and I don’t want anybody to get hurt because they think I’m telling them what to do.   Thanks!


abx – antibiotics

ad lib – as desired (this will be used for herx treatments)

ADL’s – activities for daily living (used on days when I can’t do anything, mostly)

BID – twice daily (medication schedule)

c/o – complains of (I will rarely use this one, unless transcribing doc notes for my journal)

d/c – discontinue (stopping a drug or protocol)

dx – diagnosis

ddx – differential diagnosis (i.e. other options for what’s going on at the moment)

herx – Herxheimer reaction – detailed definition and explanation here.  Simpler explanation HERE.

hx – medical history

hystx – hysterectomy (mine is full, with a partial oovectomy [one ovary removed])

IM – intra-muscular (will be used for pain levels, mostly, but also refers to injections)

IV – intravenous (if I ever have a PICC line, you’ll see this a lot)

NPO – nothing by mouth (will use this pre- and post-surgically)

PICCperipherally inserted central catheter

PLOF – prior level of function (compare/contrast phrase)

PMH – past medical history

PO – by mouth

PRN – as-needed (medication, treatment, etc., non-scheduled)

PSH – past surgical history (alternately,will be used in non-Lyme post as shorthand for “pants-shitting hysterics”)

pt – patient (as in, person being treated)

qd – once daily

QID – four times a day (medication schedule)

Rx – prescription (y’all should know this)

SOB – shortness of breath

sx – symptoms and/or surgery (I will only use this very occasionally, for “symptoms”)

TID – thrice daily (medication schedule)

tx – treatment

WFL – within functional limits (blood draw values)

WNL – within normal limits (blood draw values)