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Vlog Archive Links

Most recent video links are at the bottom.  Playlists will be created once I establish several consistent topics.

Introduction!  Woooooo… (August 5, 2012) – Wherein I tell you the point of the vlog and ask for input and suggestions.

Occupational Hazards?  (August 7, 2012) – Wherein I smack my lips a lot while talking about my babysitting job and my opinion on toddlers.

And then this happened. (August 8, 2012) – Wherein I take a goofy video of a couple of cats at work, while making dumb commentary for a few seconds.

Hello, Sports Racers!  (August 12, 2012)  – Wherein I introduce myself to Ze Frank’s followers from A Show with Ze Frank’s Forums.  Also, I rant about Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Bonnie’s (failed) Drunk Makeup Tutorial!  (August 20, 2012) – Wherein I decide to get drunk and do makeup on camera, and end up being too serious for it to be funny…except in bits.  Watch it.  You’ll laugh at the end, anyway.

Bonnie & Stephanie – What is This Feeling? (cover) from Spring 2007 CB Singers Concert (August 23, 2012) – Wherein a classmate and I play-act while singing a popular Broadway song.  Video from college, recorded by the parent of another student.  Complete with buzzing cell phone signals in the background!  I’d been doing solo and opera singing for so long that I forgot how to move on stage…heh.

Rolling in the Deep (cover) from February 3, 2012  (August 24, 2012)  Wherein I sing an Adele song in a lower key and try desperately not to run out of breath.  Recorded by a friend with his iPhone.  The very last song of an hour-long set.