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FAQ and Q&A

Any questions submitted to this blog will be answered, here.

ANY questions, that is, except for those about my personal relationships, and things I’m legally obligated to not speak about in public.

Fire away!


Q:  Where did your blog’s name come from?

A:  I’m kind of a loud, opinionated person.  When I was attempting to come up with a blog title in 2007, when I first began blogging outside of my Livejournal account (and before I’d joined Facebook), this phrase just popped into my head, and I went with it.  While I’ve strayed a bit from where I was 5 years ago, I think it still applies.


Q:  You keep making references to “Lyme.”  Where can I find more information?

A:  There are several sources for information.

First you have a personal account by my friend, Claire, both in blog form and on Youtube (I high recommend these).

Then, you have, which is not a well-designed site, but is informative, anyway., surprisingly, has a good little section.

Here’s a personal account on Huffington Post.

I have chronic Lyme, clinically diagnosed, and am in a weird limbo state between not being able to get treatment and not currently getting any worse.  I update my blog occasionally with my experiences, so you can check those out, if you’d like.

I’ve avoided posting government organization sites, as they still have quite a bit of misinformation in them, since understanding of Lyme is expanding significantly to the point where updating protocol is a matter of re-defining everything, and they’re not quite ready to admit that it needs to be done, yet.  This is not a conspiracy – this is a demonstrable fact.